Half A King (Extract) by Joe Abercrombie

Half A King - UK Book CoverImagine a story of a boy born with a deformed hand. The boy is a Prince yet he is cast aside by his family and treated with disdain by those around him. Few look past the deformity and see the true character beyond.

This is how the new Half a Kind Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie begins. The first book in the series has yet to be released, however, Abercrombie has posted a 6 Chapter – 12,000 word extract on his website.

I’m not typically eager to read books aimed at Young Adults but Abercrombie’s previous works have been fantastic. The extract of Half a King doesn’t give too much away, in terms of story, but it reads much like Abercrombie’s other work – albeit a little toned down in the language and darkness departments.

My one and only complaint about Half a King is that the extract is too damned short! We’re given just enough material to bond with Yarvi before a major plot twist occurs and the scene fades to black. I want to know what happens next and I can’t wait until the book is released in July!

If you are a fan of the Fantasy genre, enjoy dark story lines, or just like Joe Abercrombie in general, you will definitely want to download the free Half a King Extract and give it a read.


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