Indoor 3D Archery at Stowe Archers: March 2017

Stowe Archers Indoor 3D

As Spring approaches, the Southeast PA Indoor 3D SeriesOpens in a new tab. is winding down. At Stowe ArchersOpens in a new tab., we are hosting our final leg of the tournament this weekend. I wish I could say that I’ve been keeping busy, shooting at each of the four clubs involved, but that isn’t the case.

Last night I shot my 2nd of 8 total events. I won’t qualify for The Showdown but that didn’t deter me from shooting. Actually, the fact that I would be able to talk about it through the Online Archery Challenges GroupOpens in a new tab. was a nice little perk.

After setup was complete, several of us opened our wallets, paid our registrations fees, and set out to have a little fun on the range. I was paired up with Kevin, who proceeded to outshoot me from start to finish. Despite that, I really enjoyed myself.

I took my chances on two fourteen rings and hit one (the second was so far out that I earned myself a five). I had a couple of dumb eights – which came from either pulling a shot or aiming at the wrong shadow / spot on the target.

Anytime I shoot better than par (which is 320 on a 32 target course), I’m happy. I came away with a 329 last night and I’m proud of that.

Stowe Archers Indoor 3D - March 2017

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