Introducing Natalie’s Archery Adventures

Natalie's Archery Adventures

Over the past few months, my daughter Natalie has developed a fondness for YouTube Kids. Not only is it used in her school, she likes to watch it at home too. She watches everything from Kid Vlogs to instructional videos on how to make slime with household ingredients.

One day, she came to me and asked if she could start her own YouTube Kids Channel. The question caught me off guard and my gut reaction was to tell her she wasn’t old enough. After all, I’ve uploaded hundreds of videos over the years and know how nasty the trolls can get. Did I really want to introduce my seven-year-old to that?

Rather than go with my knee-jerk reaction, I told her that I would have to think about it.

Over the next few days, I checked out the YouTube Kid’s Community myself. There were a lot of fun and silly videos and I didn’t see the harm in it – as long as I set up boundaries from the start. My plan was pretty simple – disable comments on all videos and we would edit her videos together.

A couple of days ago we shot her first video for her new channel – Natalie’s Archery Adventures. She started off a bit camera shy but before long she was comfortable and jabbering along. When we were finished, we raced home to edit and upload before bed.

I still have some reservations about the channel but so far it has been pretty cool. She wants to share what she has learned in her S3DA PracticesOpens in a new tab. and teach other kids how to shoot. In addition, I think this is a great way for her to express herself.

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