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About a year ago I was interested in getting involved with shooting sports. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go the IDPA or USPSA route, I just knew that I wanted to move beyond standing still and slow-firing at a target a few yards away.

I was intimidated by the sport and wanted to find a friend to shoot with. It would seem that all of my shooting buddies felt the same way, in terms of being intimidated, and passed on the prospect of running around with guns shooting at targets.

This year I decided that I was going to shoot a match, even if I had to do it alone. Before I could do that though, I first needed a couple of things. Among them was a magazine pouch. Being overloaded with information on the web, I turned to a local gun shop for advice on a match ready mag pouch.

What I walked away with was an iTac designed for a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Magazine. This particular model is a paddle style which fits over the belt. It was my understanding that the paddle is supposed to slip down inside my pants but I just don’t see how it would work that way (the notch that grabs onto the belt would be on the inside of my waistband, resulting in the paddle popping out when you tug on it…. trust me, it happened).

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Due to the design of the mag pouch, I slip the paddle between my pants and my belt. When pressed all the way down onto the belt, a little shelf on the paddle pops out under the belt and holds it securely in place. The paddle rides against my hip and is very comfortable.

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By way of an allen screw, I can increase or decrease tension on the magazines. This allows me to make then fit tight enough that they won’t bounce out while moving through a stage yet loose enough to slide out when I need to reload.

I believe this mag pouch was less than $20.00 and I am very happy with my purchase. Due to the way I carry this item (paddle outside the pants), I wouldn’t consider using this for concealed carry but it works great for USPSA matches.

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