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Several years back, after moving from Philadelphia to Berks County, I used to get a phone call about once a week from a very close friend. This friend and I grew up together and liked to get caught up on each others lives on a regular basis. During one of our BS sessions, this friend of mine came across this PC game called Battlefield 1942.

Not being much of a gamer outside of console games, he walked me through downloading the demo and playing a bit online. I immediately took a liking to this first person shooter, based on World War II, and began developing an interest in the war itself. As I became officially hooked, I joined a gaming clan and played regularly online.

My new found interest in the military in general opened up my eyes to books and television shows to give me knowledge on the subject. I read books such as Sun Tzu’s Art of War and Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose, and also watched movies like Saving Private Ryan and a Bridge Too Far.

I eventually came across a program on the history channel entitled Mail Call with host R. Lee Ermey. This television shows primary focus was to take military related email questions and answer them. Questions were very broad and made for an interesting dynamic of information. Each and every time I watched the show, I learned a little more.

Its been a long time since I’ve fired up Battlefield 1942, but I still have an interest in the military. I have a tendency to stop flipping through the channels when something of interest is on the Military Channel or History Channel. Like all regularly scheduled television programs, I eventually am forced to stop watching the show due to time constraints and have to settle for re-airings or re-runs.

On Saturday I was trying to kill a little time before getting started on my weekend projects. I grabbed myself a cigar and a cup of coffee and logged onto HuluOpens in a new tab. to see what was new. While browsing the TV section, I came across season one of Mail Call. Just like when flipping through channels, I couldn’t help myself and watched the first two episodes.

While I’m unsure if new episodes of this show are still being televised, I enjoyed checking out bits and pieces of the first season. If you are into military information, check out Mail Call on HuluOpens in a new tab.. You just might learn something new.

Mail Call
Season 1 – Episode 1

Has a game ever sparked an
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