Lower Providence IDPA: December 2012

On Saturday, I piled on the layers and prepared to walk out the door for the last Lower Providence IDPA Match of the year. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the match but I knew two things. The first, it was easily the coldest weather in which I would be shooting a match. The second, the wind was whipping pretty hard and there was potential for props to go airborne.

When I arrived at Lower Providence, I was a little surprised at how light the turnout was. Generally by the time I arrive for IDPA Registration, setup is being wrapped up and people are mulling around. Even with my late arrival, there was at least one bay which hadn’t even been setup yet. After registration, I helped button up one bay then found a couple of friends to pass the time with.

We got started about 30 minutes late but squads were small. We moved right along and were heading home a little earlier than usual. I suppose the light turnout was a result of the sporadic snow flurries and whipping wind. Speaking of wind, you’ll notice in the first part of the video a ceasefire is called. An activator was tripped and a plastic barrel got airborne partway through my run.

Despite the cold, I enjoyed myself and look forward to what 2013 has to offer.


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