Lower Providence USPSA: March 2014 Match Cancelled

It is official, Pennsylvania weather has claimed another victim. I came across a status update from Ted Murphy, Match Director of the Lower Providence Rod & Gun Club USPSA Program, on the Area 8 Facebook PageOpens in a new tab.. Ted was informing shooters that he has had to cancel the upcoming match on March 1st.

The Pistol Bays at Lower Providence tend to be very sensitive to wet conditions. Over a foot and a half of melting snow has left the range in rather soupy conditions. Weather forecasts for next week aren’t looking much better.

From Ted Murphy:

Hey Guys,
The range is still a soupy mess at Lower Providence Rod and Gun club and there is a threat of more winter slop next week. Because of this, we are going to cancel our March Match and reschedule our April match as a Special Classifier. We will see you then!

The following video was taken a day after a heavy rain at Lower Providence. You can’t see the condition of the ground but the sound of feet sloshing through mud is evident. If I had to guess, I’d suspect that conditions in the video are great compared to what the range is like right now.


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