Lower Providence USPSA: Revolvers out in Force

Over the last couple of months I have been seeing a lot of videos cameras on the range. Unfortunately, hitting YouTube in search of local Match Video has yielded fewer results than I would have liked. This could mean a few different things. I’m not searching properly, shooters aren’t tagging the club in the video title, or shooters aren’t sharing their videos with the public.

Any of those things are all fine and well but it hasn’t stopped me from actively searching for local video. Shortly after the Lower Providence USPSA Match this weekend, I hit YouTube once again in search of video. This time I found a video by YouTube User ORTBACHOpens in a new tab..

There are a couple of cool things about this video, besides some good shooting. First, It appears as though Ken was squadded right behind me, so I know the stage conditions he faced (some started very muddy but dried out a bit as they day went on). Second, while I didn’t talk to Ken on the range, I’m pretty sure I have conversed with him on the WaltInPA Facebook PageOpens in a new tab..

The video at the head of this post shows Ken and Joanna shooting the March 2nd Special Classifier Match at Lower Providence USPSA. I’ve developed a strong curiosity for revolvers, so seeing a pair of shooters going at it with wheel guns was very interesting for me. With limited rounds in the gun, some stages are shot entirely different from the way I attacked them in Production Division.


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