Lower Providence USPSA Shooting – Stage 4

USPSA at Lower Providence - May 2012 - Stage 4

If you’ve been shooting USPSA for more than a few months, you probably recognize this stage by the photo above. Chances are good that you’ve probably even shot it once or twice in the last couple of months. There is no mistaking it, it is El Presidente and it is a frequently used USPSA Classifier Stage.

The Plan:

For as often as this stage is used at local matches, you would think I would spend some time practicing for it, but you would be wrong. Whenever I see it, a little part inside me sighs and says “Uh, not this again…

The shooter stands facing up-range (back to targets) with wrists above shoulders. Upon hearing the start signal, shooters are to turn and engage each target with two rounds, perform a mandatory reload, then engage each target with two more rounds.

The Execution:

Watching over my video, it appears as though my execution was solid but my movements were very slow. At the buzzer I turned slowly into position, took my sweet old time drawing my gun, then began putting rounds on target. It is evident that I need to work on my turns so that they become faster and more fluid. I think the delay in drawings my gun may have been a result of over-thinking the stage.

The Results

I placed 10th on this stage with a time of 9.15 seconds and a Hit Factor of 5.9016. My accuracy was solid with 9 A’s and 3 C’s earning me 54 of a possible 60 points. I shot 90% of the available points.


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