Lower Providence USPSA Shooting – Stage 5

USPSA at Lower Providence - May 2012 - Stage 5

After shooting El Presidente, we remained hot and took a short stroll over to the next stage. Here we had a series of steel that needed to be shot from within a shooting box. To keep shooters from going nuts with speed, a steel popper on each side of the array had a penalty target situated directly behind it. A miss on either one of these targets would be painful, multiple misses could lead to a disaster.

The Plan:

My plan was very simple. Upon hearing the buzzer, I would draw my gun and press out to the target on the far left. When I had a clear sight picture, I would break the shot and avoid striking the penalty target. I would then move to my right, shooting faster, until I reached the far right target. I would take my time on this target to avoid another penalty.

The Execution:

My execution on this stage wasn’t too bad. I started off well but wound up missing my third shot. Because I already moved onto the next target, I left the missed steel standing and planned to come back to it later. Once all of the other steel was down, I worked back to my left to engage a steel popper that was directly behind a forward falling popper, then made up my missed shot to close out the stage.

The Results

All steel stages are easy to score. All downed steel counts as an A and in this case I had a perfect score with 40 points. My time was 7.59 seconds with a Hit Factor of 5.2701. I landed 6th place on this stage and was happy with my performance.


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