Making Progress with Winter Cleanup

Winter Cleanup - Wood Pile

Winters at the White Household are always tough. Our property is nearly three-quarters of an acre and is home to nearly two-dozen trees (most of which are pine). There isn’t a winter that goes by that doesn’t include fallen tree limbs and plenty of cleanup for Spring.

This year was worse than most. Between all of the snow and ice, we had a large number of tree limbs come down. Now that winter has loosened its grip, I’ve finally be able to get out and begin cleaning up the mess.

In years past I’ve had to drag heavy limbs uphill and into the woods behind my house. This has always been back-breaking work that leaves me exhausted and cursing the thought of ever buying this house. This year things turned out a little less labor intensive than I expected.

My father and brother both have outdoor fire pits (my borough has a burn ordinance) and have offered to take all of the wood and brush off of my hands. My daughter and I have been spending a little time, here and there, cleaning up fallen limbs and branches.

The bulk of the mess has been cleaned up, cut, and stacked in our front yard. I’ve got my eye on cutting down one or two more trees but after that, we are just about done. All I have to do now is wait for my father and brother to stop by and begin hauling it away by the pickup truck-load.

With our yard finally cleaned up, my next outdoor project is to get our garden prepped and planted. From there I think our next outdoor project will be to make progress on our Backyard Archery Range (I’d love to get another 3D Target and a Youth Block TargetOpens in a new tab. setup).

Winter Cleanup - April 2014 - 1


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