Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 4 – Getting Back on the Bike After an Injury

In The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 4, we’re going to discuss getting back on the bike after injury and an incredible ride I took with Untamed RideOpens in a new tab. and Trekkie MotoOpens in a new tab..

Before we get into the meat of the episode, I’d like to take a quick detour and let you know that the Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast is legitimate! You can now find the Podcast on many of your favorite Podcast Apps

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Bamse Coffee and Roaster:

I’ve been making a point of sharing my Motorcycle Rides on the WaltInPA Facebook Page. After sharing a trip I made out to Brig O’Doon with friends – a Facebook Follower commented that I should check out a place called Bames Coffee and Roaster. Kerri explained that the Coffee Shop was set up inside an old church and had a fantastic atmosphere.

Our small group made the long trip from our meeting point at the Reading Pagoda to Shamokin. Our route took us through the Pennsylvania Tail of the Dragon (PA Route 125 and Goldmine Road) and was fantastic!

Bamse Coffee did not disappoint. The atmosphere was everything I hoped it would be, and the coffee and pastries were excellent. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, Bamse Coffee has announced its closing.

Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 4 - Bamse Coffee

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