The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 5 – Wind Therapy and Motorcycle Books

In The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 5, we’re talking about Wind Therapy and Motorcycle Education in the way of Motorcycle Books.

Wind Therapy:

We’re going to kick off this episode by talking about Wind Therapy.

I’m not going to bore you with the details, but I’ve had a rough week at work. There is a good chance that decisions made above my pay grade will ultimately lead to my departure from the company, which has weighed heavily on my mind.

I hopped on my bike and rode to get out of my head. Usually, the stress melts away, and I come home feeling refreshed. I wasn’t so lucky this time, and I spent the entire ride running through scenarios in my mind – talking to myself as if I were recording a motovlog.

I tried numerous times to get my mind off my troubles, but it wasn’t happening. I parked the bike just as stressed as when I left. In a way, I felt like my work situation had stolen away the joy I get from riding.

Two days later, I was presented with a random opportunity to ride. I had a narrow window and seized the opportunity. This time, the stress melted away, and I didn’t think about working the entire ride. I took in the scenery, visited a covered bridge, and truly enjoyed the experience.

I suppose that the time between the two rides allowed me to process my work woes and come to terms with the problem I was facing. A standard piece of advice amongst the motorcycle community is to always ride in the right headspace – I think this proves that. Motorcycles aren’t always a magic pill to relieve stress, at least not all the time.

The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 5

Motorcycle Books:

Building a Business:

In every episode of the Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast, I give you a “State of WaltInPA” address and update you on the behind-the-scenes happenings of my little brand. Who am I to break tradition?

I’ve taken steps to formalize WaltInPA and retain an EIN for business purposes. As a channel/podcast with such a small following, you probably think this is overkill, and in a sense, I tend to agree.

Despite being overkill, I’m trying to look into the future. I don’t anticipate being unmonetized in 2023 and wanted to avoid potential tax and/or business issues next year. I want to follow the advice of people like Gary Vaynerchuk and attempt to grind it out in something that makes me happy. With more free time, I’ll be able to invest additional time into WaltInPA and hopefully find a way to put a few extra dollars in my pocket in the process.

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