Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 10 – Motorcycle Feature Leasing

In the Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 10, we’ll discuss Motorcycle Feature Leasing and Dealer Lockouts. We’ll also discuss the sad news of a small coffee shop closing its doors. Finally, we’ll talk about a ride that I went on recently to visit the Cigars International Superstore.

Hello and Welcome to Episode 010 of the Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast. If this is your first time checking out the podcast, we talk about general motorcycle topics and the things surrounding them. I am our host, Walt, from WaltInPA.

Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 10 - Outside the Cigars International Hamburg Superstore

Bamse Coffee Closing:

In The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 4, I talked about a small group ride that I went on with Untamed Ride and Trekkie Moto. We took a long ride to Shamokin and had a fantastic time on the Pennsylvania Tail of the Dragon (PA Route 125 and Gold Mine Road).

The purpose of our trip was to visit a place called Bamse Coffee. This coffee shop was recommended to me by Kerri from the WaltInPA Facebook Page. The Coffee shop is located inside an old church and is one of the unique places I’ve had the pleasure of visiting by way of Motorcycle.

I got some sad news a few days ago – Bamse Coffee is closing its doors. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and am saddened to see such a cool and unique business closing.

Recent Ride:

With the days growing shorter and the weather turning cold, finding the time to get out and ride has not been easy. Last weekend I found myself with an unexpected time for an afternoon ride. I went through the typical analysis paralysis, trying to come up with a destination before finally deciding to make a trip out to Hamburg to visit the Cigars International SuperstoreOpens in a new tab..

I used Calimoto to map a trip taking twisty back roads and enjoyed the ride. I arrived at Cigars International and spent a few minutes poking around. I planned on making a destination ride out of the trip but couldn’t motivate myself to record anything inside the store.

Cigars International was relatively busy, and I was happy to see other motorcycles in the parking lot. When I got inside, I found some guys from a local Motorcycle Club shopping for cigars.

On the way home, I decided to extend my trip. I decided to stop off at a handful of roadside attractions that I had been to before—the Literal Fork in the Road, The Reading Pagoda, and Greisemer’s Mill Covered Bridge.

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