March 2017 3D Shoot at Wapiti Archers of Pennsylvania

Over the weekend, Wapiti Archers of PennsylvaniaOpens in a new tab. hosted their monthly 3D Shoot. If you aren’t familiar with the club, Wapiti shoots Outdoor 3D year-round. They are one of the few clubs in the area that not only do it but, do it successfully.

On Sunday, we arrived at the club in twenty-degree weather and the parking lot had more than a few cars in it. I was there with my brother, my niece, and my nephew. For me, it had been a year or two since I last visited. For my brother, it had to be close to twenty years.

We spent a little time in the quarry (practice area) to get the kids warmed up, then we set out to shoot the course. The first few targets were a bit rough with the cold but the more we shot and moved, the more comfortable it became.

Our trip to Wapiti was a nice walk down memory lane for my brother and I. The course is pretty much the same as it was when we were kids. Remnants of the old field course (straw bales with paper animal targets) litter the grounds. It is sad to see the field course go away but, these days it seems like there are very few people interested in shooting anything but foam.

My brother and I hope to be back at Wapiti again in the spring. Hopefully my daughter will be able to join us next time – she would get a kick out of shooting a giant moose.

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