Hey Everyone, in this episode of the Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast we’re going to discuss an update on my 2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP Problems, Everything being on Back-Order, A Group Ride to a small Australian Bakery, and my brand new Motorcycle!

Yamaha MT-09 SP Update

As you probably know by now, I’ve been dealing with issues. I damaged my Rear Brake Caliper Assembly while doing a Tire Change and have been in OEM replacement part purgatory. I struck out on getting a new replacement part but was able to find a new caliper assembly on eBay.

After a couple of weeks of waiting, the part has finally arrived! On Friday, Martin Moto came to my house and picked up my MT-09 to take it to the dealership for service. I’ll have the bike back with any luck and be riding again shortly.

Everything Is On Back-Order

While skimming through Instagram, I came across a post from The 333 Motovlog where he mentioned that he was also waiting on a back-ordered part for his Teneree 700. I also caught a passing comment from ChopperFett that he was waiting on a part for his 900RS from Kawasaki. Lastly, TrekkieMoto has been waiting for weeks on a replacement passenger foot peg for his Triumph Speed Twin.

To add insult to injury – it isn’t just motorcycle manufacturers struggling to ship products. I recently placed an order through MotoSport for a Racing Mat for my new bike and was informed that it was also back-ordered with no scheduled fulfillment date.

Featured Content

In this Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast episode, I thought I would change things up a bit. Rather than recommending a specific piece of content, I want to showcase a Content Creator – Misplaced Motovlogger.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Misplaced Motovlogger over the past few years and am proud to recommend his channel. Please take a moment to check out what he has to offer.

A Group Ride for Sausage Rolls

Over the weekend, three guys from the WaltInPA Discord Server arranged to get together and do a little riding. We planned to meet at the Classic Auto Mall and then ride to Griesemer’s Mill Covered Bridge. From there we would ride to Royersford to visit True Blue Bakery – a shop specializing in Australian Baked Goods. After that, we would see how much time we had left and fill it with riding to random places headed back home.

Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast Episode 008

I Bought Another Motorcycle

I discuss a new motorcycle in the Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast’s last segment. So far, it has been an absolute blast, and I look forward to sharing future content on this new bike.