Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 12 – Baby It’s Cold Outside

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Hello and Welcome to The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 12. In this episode, I discuss some amazing Christmas gifts from my Wife, a Cold Solo Ride that I went on to see a Covered Bridge, and a Frigid Adventure with Untamed RideOpens in a new tab. (complete with parts falling off Motorcycles!)

The Gift of Heated Motorcycle Gear

Over the past several weeks, I believe I’ve been sending my wife no-so-subtle messages that I need heated riding gear. Coming through the door with teeth chattering as I mutter to myself I sure could use some heated riding gear is probably what tipped her off.

On Christmas Morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new pair of Heated Socks (to replace the ones I have – which don’t work so well) and a Heated Vest. I’m looking forward to putting them to use as I extend my riding season as long as snow and ice allow.

A Cold Solo Ride to see a Covered Bridge

On a cold Saturday Afternoon, I decided to head out on a solo motorcycle adventure to see the Cabin Run Covered Bridge in Lancaster County. The bridge wasn’t in the best shape, but the ride was a lot of fun – despite being 40 degrees.

I ventured to The Morgantown Coffee House to pick up some fresh beans. On my way home, I stopped at the Geigertown Railroad to stretch my legs and look around.

Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 12 - Cabin Run Covered Bridge

A Frigid Adventure with Untamed Ride

The day after my solo ride, I met up with Untamed Ride. It was supposed to be in the mid to high 30s. Not wanting to freeze, we selected a route that would take about three hours to complete and began heading north.

That ride turned out to be quite the adventure. We had parts fall off a motorcycle, heated gear die, and the threat of riding in the dark to get home. Parts of that ride weren’t very pleasant, but I look back on it fondly as one of my Pennsylvania Winter Riding adventures.

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