Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 13 – A Winter Ride In The Rain

Hello and Welcome to The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 13. In this video, I discuss an update to all things WaltInPA and go into a story about a recent Winter Ride in the Rain.

Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast Reviews

While putting together the Hearprotek Motorcycle Earplug Review, I thought it would be a good idea to create an all-inclusive article on how to subscribe to various forms of Content from WaltInPA. While doing that, I stumbled upon something that blew me away and made my day – I found 5-Star Reviews on iTunes!

I would like to sincerely thank those of you who took the time to review the Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast. It was very unexpected!

Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 13 - Reviews

Motovlogger Friends: 2022 Christmas Cards

While checking my PO Box Recently, I discovered three Christmas Cards from friends in the Motorvlogging Community. Thank You, BD RiderOpens in a new tab., Purple on ThreeOpens in a new tab., and Wind Road TherapyOpens in a new tab.!

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs are basically Referral Programs. If there is a piece of Motorcycle Gear or an Accessory that I think you would find helpful – I could steer you toward an Affiliate and, in turn, earn a commission on the sale.

Most Motovloggers and Motorcycle Bloggers use AmazonOpens in a new tab. Associates because it is an easy program to join, and they have a massive collection of products to choose from. I find that some of the products I like to recommend either aren’t available on Amazon or are more expensive than using other suppliers.

For this reason, I have applied to the Affiliate Program for Cycle GearOpens in a new tab. (which has been approved), Revzilla (Pending Review), and Voss Helmets (Pending Review).

I’m excited to join these Affiliate Programs and look forward to sharing products in the future!

Hearprotek Motorcycle Earplug Giveaway

I was recently contacted by Hearprotek and asked if I would be interested in producing a Review for the Hearprotek Motorcycle Earplugs. In addition to supplying me with a free pair of earplugs to review, they also send me a pair to give away.

If you want a chance to win a Free Pair of Hearprotek Motorcycle Earplugs, you can enter by signing up for the WaltInPA Newsletter with the form below. I’ll be randomly selecting a Subscriber on February 1, 2023.

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Motorcycle Education Content

If you’ve been following along with the WaltInPA YouTube Channel, you are probably aware that I’ve been pivoting the style of content I produce. My most recent pivot has been to produce content that is more educational.

This has included Lane Splitting and Filtering: Can Motorcycles Drive Between Cars in PA and Riding Buddies: How Do You Meet People Who Ride Motorcycles?

A Ride in the Rain with UnTamed Ride

The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 13 - Bike Wash

On January 2nd, I set off with friends Steve and Justine to visit the Hunsecker’s Mill Covered Bridge in Lancaster, PA. We planned for an overcast but warm ride to take in the sights of a cool historical structure. We didn’t expect to get caught in the rain and be forced to turn back.

We decided to scrap the ride and get out of the rain twenty miles into our journey. Despite the setback, we found a dry area to ride in and managed nearly 100 miles. Even though it wasn’t ideal riding conditions, we made the most of it and had a great time.

Listen To The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 13

Watch The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 13

During the editing process, I had technical difficulties resulting in losing video footage. I’m working on creating a video version of The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 13, where I’ll overlay the audio on top of Still Photos. That video will be posted here when it is completed. My apologies for the inconvenience.


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