Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 16 – 2023 Riding Season Goals and Motorcycle Safety Classes

Hello and Welcome to the Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 16. In this podcast installment, the focus is on 2023 Riding Season Goals and upcoming Motorcycle Education Classes.

Listen to The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 16

Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 16

Street Smart Classroom Workshop at Martin Moto

Regarding Facebook, I tend to run hot and cold on the platform. Some weeks I use it more than others, but as a whole, I don’t spend a considerable amount of time there. With that being said, I logged into the WaltInPA Facebook PageOpens in a new tab. recently. I saw that my favorite local dealership was hosting a Motorcycle Education Event – Street Smart Classroom Workshop at Martin MotoOpens in a new tab..

I immediately reached for my phone to check my calendar and grimaced when I discovered my wife was scheduled to work the day of the event. If I were going to attend, I would need a babysitter. Dear, do you think your Mom could watch the kids next Saturday for a few hours…..

I got the green light from my Mother-In-Law the following day and logged into Facebook to register. I was disappointed to see that in the span of a single day, the event was full.

In the hopes of getting lucky, I contacted Martin Moto on Facebook and inquired about the possibility of getting on a Waitlist in case someone canceled. The following day I was told that they took down my name and would contact me if anything changed, but as of that moment, the class was full.

I’m happy to report that I was able to get a seat at the MSF Street Smart Seminar and wrote an article detailing my experience.

Total Control: Intermediate Riding Clinic

Like many people, I like to reflect and set goals for the upcoming riding season. It goes hand-in-hand with New Year’s Resolutions but emphasizes Motorcycles. This year I didn’t get a chance to do that with things being so crazy at work (Explained in The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 15).

With things finally settling down and after trying to get into the Street Smart Classroom Workshop at Martin Moto – I realized that I had struck out on one of my goals from last year. In 2022 I wanted to attend more motorcycle classes and improve as a rider.

This year I want to do better – so in addition to reaching out to Martin Moto, I also signed up for the Total Control Intermediate Riding ClinicOpens in a new tab.. It is a free program for Pennsylvania residents, and its goal is to help people become better riders through Classroom and Range Training. The class is a single-day event and is made up of 5 Hours on the Range and 3 Hours in a Classroom.

I had hoped to also register for the Total Control Advanced Riding ClinicOpens in a new tab. (also a free program for Pennsylvania Residents), but due to the nature of the course, there are only three training sites in Pennsylvania. None of which are close to home.

Since classes are typically held during the Spring, I may have to forgo the Advanced Class until next year and plan an overnight trip around it.

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