Motorcycle Coffee Run: Speakeasy Coffee Company

It seems like a lifetime ago now – but there once was a time when I loved coffee. I loved it so much that in addition to buying it from various places across the county, I would work out trades with friends in other states – swapping local small batch coffee for cigars. It was a wonderful pastime filled with interesting aromas and flavors.

Part of my morning routine was to grind some fresh beans and brew a pot of coffee. I would sip on a cup as I had breakfast and packed my lunch. Then, before walking out the door, I would fill a travel mug to enjoy at the office. When I left the house I always made sure that there was plenty of coffee left over for my wife to enjoy. Or so I thought…

What I didn’t realize was that each morning when I left for work, the coffee pot would turn itself off. By the time my wife got up for work (4 hours after I made it) the coffee was stone cold. Occasionally she would pour a cup and warm it up in the microwave but most days she just poured it out in the sink. I was heartbroken when I found out.

Before long we decided to give this new contraption a try – a Kuerig Coffee Maker. The convenience was amazing but it eventually lead to the demise of my love for coffee. The thrill of seeking out fresh roasted small batch coffees was replaced by seeking out K-Cup Sales to save a few bucks. I found myself in the K—Cup Rut and I was in it for years.

That all changed when Pennsylvania began closing non-essential businesses as a result of the pandemic. With my wife and I home together more often during the day, coffee was beginning to get expensive. On a whim I ordered a traditional coffee maker and took the plunge into brewing full pots once again – and just like that my love for fresh roasted coffee sparked back to life.

I’ve the past few weeks I’ve been riding my motorcycle out to Speakeasy Coffee Company in Pennsburg, PAOpens in a new tab.. Each trip I try to pick up a new blend to try and while some have been better than others, all of them have been leaps and bounds better than the K-Cups I’ve gotten comfortable with over the years.

In the Motovlog at the heads of this post, I tell my coffee story while visiting Speakeasy Coffee CompanyOpens in a new tab. for the first time.

Speakeasy Coffee Company


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