Motorcycle Pants: The Saga

When I decided to get back onto a Motorcycle after a decade away, I had some big decisions to make. Everything from training to budget had to be considered and mapped out if I was going to be able to create an actionable plan. When it came to gear, I didn’t want to go cheap but I also didn’t want to blow my budget with expensive gear that would provide features that I didn’t necessarily need.

The most difficult item to purchase was my Motorcycle Pants. Being a guy with a big waist and a short inseam, there weren’t a ton of options that would fit my needs. Let’s face it, riding pants aren’t available in the wide range of sizes that you’ll find in typical jeans. Instead you need to rely on generic sizes (S,M,L,XL,XXL, etc…) that are meant to fit a range of riders. If you don’t fit into that range then your options are severely limited.

The first pair of riding pants that I ordered fit great in the waist and legs, however, they were enormous in the inseam. The built-in knee armor was more like shin armor and they simply wouldn’t do. After shipping them back, I went another direction and was able to get a “Short” sizing. The waist was a little snug but the inseam was right where it needed to be.

As luck would have it, I managed to break the pants less then a mile into my very first ride wearing them. It is safe to say that luck was not on my side with this particular gear purchase.

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