Nerves and Second Guesses

Over the past several weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to podcasts. In my car, during my drive to and from work, while running on the treadmill, while mowing the lawn, and on the rare occasion when I just want to sit and have a little time to myself.

The Entrepreneurs and Coffee PodcastOpens in a new tab. has been very motivational and has taught me a lot about how to shape my upcoming podcast. I’ve been implementing some of the suggestions from the show and I can already see those suggestions having a positive impact.

Despite how well things have been going lately, I’ve been dealing with nerves. What if all this time and effort I’ve invested into the podcast is wasted? What if no one likes the show, or worse, what if I’m criticized for my efforts? Let’s be honest, I’m no health and wellness expert and have no intention of playing that role in my show.

With these worries nagging at me I just try and keep positive. I can’t be afraid to fail. So what if I’m the only person listening to my own show? While the goal is to inspire others, even if no one else is listening it still serves as the accountability system that will keep me on track and enrich my own life.

Some of the equipment I ordered for the podcast has already arrived. I expect to receive my microphone sometime today (which means recording my first episode over the weekend) and I expect to have the last few things I’m waiting for by early next week. It looks like I should have a podcast ready to release very soon. With every day that goes by, the butterflies in my stomach get a little worse.

Those butterflies came to an all time high yesterday. I was at the gym, running on the treadmill, listening to Episode 7 of the Entrepreneurs and Coffee Podcast. About two minutes into the episode, the same person that inspired me to start the podcast took the wind out of my sails.

Entrepreneurs and Coffee Episode 7:
Have Something to Say – The First Rule of Brand Building

The first rule of brand building is put up or shut up. If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything at all. One time I heard a “Guru” advise somebody that if they didn’t have anything to say and they didn’t have any experiences in the business space, they should just build authority by making it about their journey. This crap is cringe worthy at best because if you don’t have chops and you have no experience you really shouldn’t be advising anybody about anything.

You can’t put two third-graders in a room together and all of a sudden enough time goes by and they become seniors in high school. That doesn’t happen. If you have a brand, or a company, or a blog, or whatever the heck you have, say something! Please say something! It is the one thing that makes your product unique and interesting.

If you haven’t read the blog post where I said I’d be starting a podcast, let’s recap for a quick second. I’ve gained weight over the years and want to live a healthier life for myself and for my family. The entire premise of the podcast is to share my journey and hope to inspire others to make healthy changes in their lives.

Since yesterday I’ve been asking myself if Brendan is right. Am I doomed for failure because I have virtually no experience in the niche that I’m about to wade into?

The easy choice at this very moment would be to chalk up my podcast as a total loss. Forget about the work I’ve done preparing for the release and take the things I’ve purchased as a financial loss.

I’m very fond of CT FletcherOpens in a new tab. as a motivator and one of his quotes comes screaming to my mind. Beast or Bitch, which is it going to be? I choose Beast! I’m going to move forward with the podcast no matter how many doubts bubble to the surface of my mind.

Failure has the potential to teach the greatest lessons. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that but regardless of the outcome, I see myself better in the end.

Jay was a friend that passed away recently. This quote of his seems appropriate.
Jay was a friend that passed away recently. This quote of his seems appropriate.


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