New Holland IDPA: December 2012

When it comes to USPSA or IDPA Matches, I’m a vanilla sort of guy. I like to shoot a straight up match and when the option to shoot a side stage / match is introduced, I see it is a deterrent. My lack of Shotgun and Rifle means paying the same price (typically) to shoot less, thus reducing the perceived value.

The December New Holland IDPA Match was an entirely different animal. Prior to registration I was offered the use of a rifle and magazines from the guys at the Angrypig Shooting TeamOpens in a new tab.. I was grateful for the offer and eager to try my non-existant rifle skills at a match.

Despite the brisk temperature, I had an absolute blast. I struggled with a stage or two but did okay on all of the rest, including the rifle stage. Mark and Annette put on an excellent match which was both fun and challenging.

New Holland IDPA Matches are held on the First Sunday of the Month. Round count varies depending on what the Match Directors have going on. In this case, the round count was high due to the addition of the Rifle Stage. The New Holland Rifle and Pistol ClubOpens in a new tab. has announced a price increase from $15 to $20 in 2013 (New Holland Club Members pay $15).


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