New Holland IDPA Match in Photos

This morning I climbed into my car and headed out to the New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club for the monthly New Holland IDPA Match. This match had a twist that I wouldn’t have normally appreciated. The match directors included a rifle side stage. Thanks to a couple of shooting buddies, Kerry and the Angry Pig Shooting Team, I was able to borrow an AR and a few magazines to partake in the fun.

This was the first time I fired a rifle in a few years, the first time I fired an AR in about 5 years, and the very fire time I ever fired a rifle in competition. I went into the stage expecting a horrendous run due to my lack of recent experience. Thanks to a quick refresh by Kerry, when the buzzer sounded I was comfortable. I came away from that stage having had an absolute blast with 6 Points Down, far better than I expected.

I enjoyed the pistol portion of the match much more than my first New Holland IDPA Match. This was due partially to the higher round count and partially because the stages just seemed more fun to run. In defense of my first match, there was a BUG Match running alongside the usual IDPA match and stages were designed to accommodate both.

Unlike past matches, I snapped random photos throughout the day instead of snapping one or two per stage. This left me with approximately 40 photos to pick from. The better photos from the lot are included below for your viewing pleasure.


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