NFAA 5-Spot Practice

NFAA 5-Spot Practice

Since becoming a part of the Online Archery Challenge Facebook GroupOpens in a new tab., I’ve been seeing several people post photos of their league scores. Unlike leagues at Stowe ArchersOpens in a new tab., where we shoot a 450 Round on a Vegas Face, the NFAA 5-Spot Face seems to be very popular.

In an attempt to get out of my comfort zone and try something a little different, I hung a 5-Spot Target and shot a 300 Round. The last time I shot this particular round was during an official tournament at Stowe two years ago.

There is something about the blue and white face that rattles me. As a whole, the target is smaller than a Vegas 3-Spot. Despite the smaller size, the maximum scoring ring is larger on a 5-Spot.

Shooting X’s comes much easier on the NFAA Target and, despite that, it is a challenging target to shoot. Ends are longer at 5 Arrows as opposed to 3 and fatigue tends to set in faster.

I started off strong but stubbornness lead to me dropping a point on my 10th arrow. When I anchored and setup my shot, I began to pull through. I had a hard time reaching the click on my Tru Ball Fulkrum and, instead of letting down and starting over, I tried to force it. By the time the shot broke, my arm was waving about and I knew that I shot a 4 as soon as the arrow left the bow.

I ran into that same problem a couple of times during the round and paid the price each and every time. Even so, I can’t complain about shooting a 295 with 34 X’s. I’m not sure that I’ll be shooting this round very often but it was a nice change of pace.

NFAA 5-Spot Practice

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