Ontelaunee IDPA: Corey Shoots His First Match

It has been roughly two years in the making but yesterday I was finally able to get Corey out to his first IDPA Match. We met up early Sunday morning and began the hour drive to the January 2013 Ontelaunee IDPA Match. Even with a wrong turn that took us out of the way, we arrived with plenty of time to spare.

I was expected a low turnout due to a Sanctioned Match being held the day before, in the relative area. It would seem that a number of people decided to take advantage of the warm weather and shoot both matches. Even with a high turnout, we finished eight stages in about three hours.

Corey did great at his first match. He was safe, took it slow, and asked plenty of questions. He wound up with one procedural (that I know of) which can be seen in the video (bonus points if you can spot it). I’m not sure how often Corey will shoot IDPA but he seemed to enjoy himself.

Head down to the comments section and tell us about your first IDPA Match. Have you learned any important lessons, as a shooter, that you would care to pass along?


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