Preparing for Indoor Spot League

Stowe Archers Indoor Range

This morning, I woke up bright and early with the intention of heading over to Stowe Archers. The plan was to knock a little of the rust off of my shooting and get a Pool Score on the books for the upcoming Stowe Archers Indoor 450 LeagueOpens in a new tab..

When I walked down the stairs and looked through my living room window – I was a bit surprised to see an inch of snow on the ground. Worse yet, the road outside of my house looked like it hadn’t been touched. I knew that the steep hill leading to the clubhouse may be a bit troublesome but I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to do a little shooting.

About halfway to the club, I found myself sliding sideways down a back country road. I was about to double back and head home but I had told the Stowe Archers S3DAOpens in a new tab. Team that I would open up the club if anyone wanted to shoot. The last thing I wanted to do was disappoint one of the kids if they showed up with a shiny new Christmas present.

I made it to the club without any additional issues, headed inside, and turned on the furnace. After a few minutes, I had all my gear unpacked and began to warm-up. My first few shots were incredibly frustrating. Arrows were hitting wide left and I couldn’t seem to correct the issue without moving my sight.

I spent several ends chasing arrows with my sight before realizing that the issue was my form. It has been a while since I’ve shot last and my posture, anchor, and follow-through were all off. By the time I figured out what I was doing wrong, I was already scoring and annoyed.

It wasn’t until I was shooting my 3rd Game that I felt like I had my issues partly worked out. By that time the damage was already done and my Pool Score was disappointing – to say the least.

I find that with my Elite Victory 39 and shooting Inner 10 Scoring (X Counts as 10 – all other Yellow counts as 9), I need to shoot at least once per week to keep my form at a decent level. I don’t seem to have that issue with my Elite Energy 35 and sometimes I wish I had a second E35 to setup for Spots (The shorter length just seems to hold much better and offers a little more forgiveness).

After about an hour and a half, I completed shooting my Pool Score and got the club closed back up. I was there alone – which was a good thing because the roads were very slick.

The 2018 Stowe Archers Indoor 450 League kicks off in a little more than a week. Hopefully between now and then the weather will cooperate and I can get in some practice to square away the issues I’m having with my Form.

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