A Quick Goose Hunt After Work

Goose Hunting - Nov 18 2013 - 1

I cut out of work a little early today to meet up with Troy for a quick Goose Hunt. We met up at the same farm where we were successful on Saturday. The Private Land is situated between two lakes and looks like it is going to be a fantastic place for us to hunt this year.

Zena didn’t join us this time, however, Troy and I seem to work well together. We had the decoys unpacked, hauled into the field, situated, and were settling into our blinds in less than forty-five minutes. We had some windy conditions to deal with but they didn’t pose much of a problem. Despite the weather forecast, the sky was clear and it was rather warm for mid November.

Out afternoon Goose Hunt was the complete opposite of what we experienced on Saturday. We didn’t see a single goose in flight, however, we heard some off in the distance. I was hoping to come home with another for my freezer but it didn’t work out. That is the fun part about hunting, it isn’t always easy. On the bright side, I enjoyed hanging out in the field with Troy, chatting it up and taking in the sights.

I’m not sure when we’ll be going back out to hunt for goose. This weekend is a possibility and I’ve got my fingers crossed for a repeat Saturday experience.

Goose Hunting - Nov 18 2013 - 4


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