Ran into a chum with a bottle of rum

Zaya at Kensington - 1

Being a creature of habit, I like to have things prepared and ready to go at a certain time. This is very true about my blog, and if you are like me you were probably wondering where todays post was when you checked the site? The simple answer is that I was slacking off last night and didn’t manage to get it taken care of.

Before I was sick, I had a handful of posts written and waiting to be published. This worked out great for when I wasn’t feeling up to typing or if I had writers block. Unfortunately, all of those posts have been used up and the last few posts have been written a day or two before posting.

On schedule this week I had a review of the Robin Hobb novel Assassin’s Quest, which would have closed out the Farseer trilogy. The book has been read and the written portion of the review is nearly complete. I need to record a quick video to go along with the review, which I didn’t get around to doing last night.

So what prevented me from doing this, well I ran into a chum with a bottle of rum. My father and I have been spending our free time working on a side project as of late. We completed this project on Monday and I was delivering it last night. Not only was the project being delivered to a fellow cigar smoker, we met up at our local cigar shop, Kensington TobacconistOpens in a new tab..

After we shuffled all of the parts from my car into my friends truck, we headed in for a cigar. Before long, this friend of mine was cracking open his locker and pulling out several bottles of rum to do a mini tasting (my experience with rum is almost non-existent and he planned on giving me a small look into the world of rum).

After about a tablespoon of two different rums, I was poured a healthy glass of Zaya on the rocks and we settled in for a couple of hours. The first of the rums was an inexpensive bottle that was more geared towards mixing. The second bottle was far smoother but lacked body. The third rum was simply heaven in a glass.

While we sat sipping and smoking, we had some great conversation. Some of our talk was serious while other topics were highly comedic. Two hours after that glass was poured, we were wrapping up our cigars and getting ready to call it a night.

While I may have slacked off in getting that book review posted, the time I had last night more than makes up for that slight pang of guilt I experienced for missing a post. Keep yours eyes peeled for a future post on that Zaya that I had the pleasure of drinking, I’m most definitely going to have to get myself a bottle now.

Are you a rum drinker?
If so, what would you recommend to someone who enjoyed Zaya?


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