Received my USPSA Membership

USPSA Membership Package - 1

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting my first USPSA Match at Topton Fish & Game. Despite being tired, hungry, and sunburnt, I had a great time. I had such a good time that later that evening I decided to become a USPSA Member.

Membership cost me $40.00 and I felt that it was well worth it. By being a member, match costs at Topton were reduced to $20.00. In addition, my scores are entered into a national database and I can look them up at my leisure. The database also allows me to see how I shot, within my division, compared to all other USPSA members.

With my membership came a subscription to Front Sight Magazine. The publication features information tailored to the world of USPSA Shooting. I have yet to read the regular publication, but I was sent the annual issue, which is much smaller, and found it to be interesting. Most of the information contained within the magazine was presented to appeal to those interested in giving the sport a try. Future publications are said to contain much more in depth reading, which I am eager to see.


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