Recommended Reading

Each week I spend a fair amount of time reading various gun related blogs. Some I read to prep for my weekly Shooting The Breeze Podcast and others I read purely for pleasure. Rather than the boring old Blogroll approach to sharing links with my readers, I have decided to personalize it a bit.

Below is a list of some of my favorite Gun Blogs and Podcasts. I read / listen to these on a regular basis and would consider them recommended reading for anyone looking for a gun fix between range sessions.

Recommended Reading - Fill Yer Hands

Fill Yer Hands is run by Tom. Tom is not an operator or member of the military, he is just a regular guy that likes shooting and supports the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

I have been following Fill Yer Hands for a little while now and have grown quite fond of Tom’s USPSA Match Reports. He and I have very similar views on the shooting sports and I enjoy discussing it with him through our blogs and on TwitterOpens in a new tab..

Recommended Reading - When The Balloon Goes Up - 1

When The Balloon Goes Up is run by Ron and is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. Ron covers a broad range of topics that include Competitive Shooting (IDPA in particular), Training, and Tactics, among other things.

One of the most appealing things about When The Balloon Goes Up is the writing tone. When topics on tactics are presented, it is done in such a way that the average Joe can relate. I have yet to read any topic that left me feeling as though I had to be some sort of operator to ‘get it’.

In addition to When The Balloon Goes Up, you can converse with Ron on TwitterOpens in a new tab..

Recommended Reading - Gun Free Zone

Gun Free Zone is run by Miguel and deals primarily with news and politics (Mainly gun related news and politics but other things pop up from time to time). In addition to being a pro-gun blogger, Miguel is also an IDPA Shooter, IDPA Safety Officer, and Reloader (among other things, all of which are listed on his About PageOpens in a new tab.)

Miguel has an incredible ability to wade through the constant stream of anti-gun propaganda and formulate his thoughts and opinion on the subject. I say that it is an incredible ability because I’ve tried keeping up with the anti-gun crowd. With every post that came across my news feed, I could feel my blog pressure and level of disgust rise.

In addition to Gun Free Zone, you can converse with Miguel on TwitterOpens in a new tab..

Recommended Reading - Liberty or Zombie Podcast - 1

The Liberty or Zombie Podcast is an audio podcast produced by Chuck D and Shooter Dan. The duo discuss politics in a manner that you will never find on televised news broadcasts. In fact, if anyone is in earshot while you listen, that person may give you a funny look and offer to build you a tinfoil hat.

Joking aside, Chuck D and Shooter Dan do a fantastic job putting together a show that is both entertaining and educational. The frequency in which the show is produced is a little random but new episodes are worth waiting for. Keep in mind though, this is not your average digest of the news and it is far from politically correct.

In addition to the Liberty or Zombie Podcast, you can keep up with Chuck DOpens in a new tab. and Shooter DanOpens in a new tab. on Twitter and FacebookOpens in a new tab..

Recommended Reading - AKs and Cupcakes - 1

AKs and Cupcakes is run by Yankee Born, Rebel Heart – Chris Zump. Chris’ blog has free-flow sort of feel about it and typically covers firearms and baking (hence the name, AKs and Cupcakes). Chris is also a proud new momma’ of two pupsOpens in a new tab., which have been the topic of discussion lately.

If you like what you see on AKs and Cupcakes, join Chris on FacebookOpens in a new tab. and TwitterOpens in a new tab..

Recommended Reading - The Roadgunner Podcast - 1

The Roadgunner Podcast is a regularly released audio podcast produced by Chaz aka The Unnamed Trucker. Chaz and I started podcasting around the same time and I do my best to keep current with his show. It is tough though, in addition to the regular weekly podcast, it isn’t uncommon for him to release a half-cast between episodes.

What sets The Roadgunner Podcast apart is the format. With Chaz being an over the road trucker, he deals with varying firearms laws on a regular basis. Most episodes contain information on carrying a concealed weapon if various states.

If regular episodes and half-casts aren’t enough, Chaz can also be found on TwitterOpens in a new tab. and FacebookOpens in a new tab..

Recommended Reading - Shall Not Be Questioned - 1

Formerly known as Snowflakes in Hell, Shall Not Be Questioned is a blog focused on firearms, firearms public policy, and Second Amendment advocacy. Regular content is produced, more often than not, multiple times throughout the day by Sebastian and Bitter.

Shall Not Be Questioned often has a broad focus and covers national news, however, both authors are Pennsylvania residents and seem to have their fingers on the pulse of the PA Second Amendment political scene. As a result, this blog has become my source for local news and legislation as it pertains to firearms.

Both SebastianOpens in a new tab. and BitterOpens in a new tab. are on Twitter and FacebookOpens in a new tab..

Recommended Reading - ENDO Gun Blog - 1

Everyday No Days Off (ENDO) is a popular firearms blog run by Mike. I know practically nothing about the author (If posts weren’t credited to ENDO-Mike I probably wouldn’t even know his name) but the blog has become one of my regular reads via Google Reader and a regular source of Featured Content for my Shooting The Breeze PodcastOpens in a new tab..

Topics vary from general firearms information to commentary on Youtube videos. In addition to the blog, ENDO-Mike also operates ENDO ApparelOpens in a new tab., which has some cool cool/clever shirts available for purchase.

Everyday No Days Off is also on TwitterOpens in a new tab. and FacebookOpens in a new tab.

Recommended Reading - The Gun Blog Black List - 1

Simply put, The Gun Blog Black List is a massive list of blogs that contain gun content. I was added to the list a few month back and have used it on more than one occasion to find a new addition to my list of Gun Related RSS Feeds.

From the Gun Blog Black List:
The GBBL is a collection of bloggers that I choose to list (or NOT list as I see fit). No one pays me to list them. There is no paid advertising on the GBBL. Any ‘ad’ on this site is there because I choose to put it there. I don’t make any money listing blogs.

I list blogs to encourage personal connections between bloggers and to add to the blog community. I do this because I want to.

Recommended Reading - Beauty Behind the Blast

Beauty Behind the Blast is the Blog of Annette Evans. I met Annette at a local USPSA Match last year. I was impressed with how friendly and informative she was and, as a result, I’ve been shooting with her and her husband ever since.

Annette is heavily involved in the competitive shooting scene, acting as Match Director at the New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club IDPA Matches, competing in local USPSA Matches, competing in Precision Rifle Matches, and the list goes on and on.

Annette shares her knowledge to new and seasoned shooters alike on her new blog, Beauty Behind the Blast. I would suggest giving her a read. Her writing style is very different from the average gun blog and is sure to hold your attention.

In addition to Beauty Behind the Blast, you can converse with Annette on FacebookOpens in a new tab..

On a side note, Annette didn’t have a distinct blog header so I took the liberty of using one of my photos of her. She is preparing to shoot a USPSA Stage at Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club