Rich Shoots USPSA at Southern Chester – June 2012

Since April, I have been shooting USPSA as a member of Team Custom Gun FinishesOpens in a new tab.. In the eight matches that I’ve shot this season, it hasn’t occurred to me that you might want to see some of the other guys shoot, in addition to my regular video. Since I’m the guy with the camera, and I do all the editing, it was easy enough to make that happen.

The first of the team video comes in the form of USPSA at Southern Chester. This match was held on June 16, 2012, and features team member Rich. Rich has never asked me to critique his video in the way that I do my own, so I’m going to hold off on the commentary unless he requests that I do otherwise.

I believe this is Rich’s second season shooting USPSA. Up until recently, he shot a Beretta 92FS, which has since been replaced by a Customized Springfield XDM 5.25 Competition ModelOpens in a new tab.. Customizations include DuraCoat and a Powder River Precisions Match Trigger Kit. He was recently classified D in Production Division.

USPSA at Southern Chester - June 2012 - Stage 3
USPSA at Southern Chester – Stage 3

Rich’s Match Results

27th Place out of 30 Shooters in Production Division
489 Points out of a Possible 740
94 A’s | 32 C’s | 13 D’s | 9 M’s
63% Of Available Points Shot
Average Hit Factor 2.9910


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