Riding for Coffee: Firehouse Coffee in Maxatawny, PA

I haven’t always had the best relationship with coffee – which is odd given how much I enjoy it these days. When I was younger, I remember taking a sip of cheap coffee loaded with cream and extra sugar. It was vile, and at that moment, I swore I would never drink the stuff as an adult. That all changed years later when someone offered me a cup of black coffee made from freshly roasted beans. I accepted it out of courtesy and am sure glad I did. It was magical!

Since then, I’ve enjoyed small-batch coffee from a variety of Coffee Roasters. In fact, it is how I start most days – grinding beans and filling my home with the aroma of coffee. I don’t think of myself as a coffee snob, but I suppose in some ways I am. If it is pre-ground and comes from a grocery store, I won’t touch it. It has to be hot; it has to be black, and the fresher, the better!

As much as I enjoy a nice cup of coffee, I find it even better when it has a memory associated with it. For example – on a brisk Sunday before the winter chill set in, Untamed Ride and I decided to ride out to Maxatawny, PA and visit Firehouse Coffee. Neither of us had been there before, and it seemed like it might be a cool place to visit.

We hopped on our motorcycles and made the trip. When we arrived, we found a recently renovated space that used to be the old general store. There were old photos on display and some history about the building. The owner was extremely welcoming and offered us coffee samples to warm up. I have yet to visit another Coffee Shop / Roaster that has sample coffee readily available for you to try before purchase.

We met the owner and talked for about a half hour before buying a bunch of coffee and heading back home. The coffee was good, but better than that was the experience. Good Coffee, good conversation, and a welcoming atmosphere assures that I’ll be returning to Firehouse Coffee.

Walt at Firehouse Coffee


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