What Would You Pay to Shoot a Sanctioned IDPA Match Without a Prize Table?

Sanctioned IDPA Match Without a Prize Table

Over the weekend I took a ride down to New Holland to shoot the February 2013 IDPA Match. Before things got under way, I was standing in the clubhouse talking with Dave BairOpens in a new tab., Match Director at Ontelaunee. Dave asked me if I could post a question here at WaltInPA.com to solicit some feedback.

Dave has a Sanctioned Match coming up in honor of Burt Schaffer (Former Match Director at Guthsville IDPA). The match will be a one day format with morning and afternoon squads. The usual prizes will be awarded for match placement, as well as lunch and a shirt, however, there will be no prize table.

Dave went on to explain that he was not comfortable charging the going rate for a Sanctioned IDPA Match since he won’t have a prize table. He would like some feedback as to what you would be comfortable paying for this type of match?

What would you be willing to pay to shoot a Sanctioned IDPA Match
with No Prize Table?


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