Scott Shoots USPSA at Southern Chester – June 2012

What do you get when you combine a stuffed cheetah in a cargo pocket, cheetah stripes on a Glock 17, a cigarette in the shooters mouth, and a ninja-like creep throughout a USPSA stage? You get Scott ‘Tactical Cheetah’ Bloom, thats what you get!

Scott is responsible for the formation of Team Custom Gun FinishesOpens in a new tab. and he is a lot of fun to shoot with. He doesn’t take USPSA too seriously and I can’t recall ever seeing him perform a walkthrough on a stage. He spends his time chatting it up with fellow shooters, often making them laugh, and acting as a Range Officer or Scorekeeper.

When he shoots, it isn’t uncommon to see a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Occasionally he’ll whip out the gangsta’ pose and pop a cap in a target with his gun sideways. He incorporates a tactical, ninja-ish, crouch as he moves about a stage, which I absolutely love (it makes me laugh every time).

Simply put, Scott is one of my favorite people to shoot with. He is also the first guy to tell you how well you shot, which makes a big difference when you’re as hard on yourself as I am. The video above is Scott ‘Tactical Cheetah’ Bloom taking on the June USPSA at Southern Chester Match.

USPSA at Southern Chester - June 2012 - Stage 3
USPSA at Southern Chester – Stage 6

Scott’s Match Results

25th Place out of 30 Shooters in Production Division
593 Points out of a Possible 740
115 A’s | 3 B’s | 22 C’s | 3 D’s | 5 M’s
76% Of Available Points Shot
Average Hit Factor 3.3897


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