Shooting The Breeze: Dog Training Week 2

Syrus the DogLast week I went on to tell you all about the obedience class Syrus and I attended. It was dreary, cold, and wet. This week the weather was beautiful earlier on in the day, so I was looking forward the weather during class.

At 6:00 PM my wife and I packed up the car and headed out to class. As we drove down the highway, the skies to the west (where we were headed) were dark gray with random beams of sunshine punching through. Those beams of sunshine quickly disappeared as we got closer to class.

When we arrived, the skies were gray but the temperature wasn’t bad. I got out of the car and took Syrus for a little walk around the field to get warmed up. Before long the wind began to pick up and the temperature dropped. I threw on a sweatshirt over my t-shirt and continued right along.

A few minutes later a few random raindrops began to fall, the wind picked up, and the temperature dropped a little more. I headed back to my car and put on my jacket to keep relatively dry and warm. After class got underway, the rain steadily increased.

About a half hour into our one hour session, lightning began to illuminate the sky and thunder spooked the dogs. Syrus was so shook up that he refused to take food or listen to any commands given. Seeing all of the dogs reactions, the instructor told us to go home and that we would simply make up a half hour next week.

So far classes have looked like this:

  • Orientation (Tuesday) – Snow Flurries & Windy
  • Week 1 Class (Tuesday) – Rainy and cold
  • Week 2 Class (Tuesday) – Thunderstorm, class ended early

I’m beginning to think I should have taken another day of the week

Have you ever had a string of terrible weather
during a multi-week commitment?


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