Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 61

Over the last couple episodes of the Shooting The Breeze Podcast, I’ve been talking about an upcoming format change. Among those changes was a decision to record Shooter Profiles of local shooters. First up for this new feature is the Angrypig Shooting Team.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kerry Woods, Jake Degenshein, and Sam Woods (Left to Right in the photo below) during the 2013 Burt Shaffer Memorial Sanctioned IDPA Match. I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I did recording it. Thanks for watching and don’t foget to use the Social Share buttons below to share the episode.

Shooting The Breeze Podcast - Angrypig Shooting Team Interview

Show Notes:

Shooting The Breeze
Episode 61

Introduce the video as our first shooter profile edition of the podcast. We are attending the 2013 Burt Shaffer Memorial Sanctioned IDPA Match hosted by Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club.

Before we get into talking about how Team AngryPig came to be, lets start at the beginning. How long have you guys been shooting and at what point did you decide to give IDPA a try?

Lets talk about your progressions through the sport. At what point did each of you decide that you didn’t just want to play the game, you wanted to be competitive and do well in the process?

What have you done to improve your skills. For example, do you have a dry fire routine, have you taken any classes, do you use match video to review your performance, etc?

As junior shooters, have you faced any challenges with shooting IDPA or has the sport been accommodating?

Is there anything that you think the organization should do to better promote the growth of its junior shooters?

We are shooting a sanctioned match today, do you do anything differently to prepare for these types of matches or are you going at them just as you would a club level match?

What are your goals for todays match?

Questions Submitted via the WaltInPA Facebook Page:

From John Stein:
Shooting at matches isn’t all about the shooting. For me, some of the enjoyment is shooting with friends and other people who are nice and friendly. It makes the day so much better when you shoot with good people. How did they put together their team and do they feel they shoot better (enjoy more) shooting with friends?

From Dave Bair:
Shooting IDPA is a very rule intensive sport. Do you feel that the rules create a true defensive shooting sport, or are they overdone?

If you would like to take the Standard Deviation Arms Training ClassOpens in a new tab. mentioned in the video, you can reach Matt Olinchak and Steve Lockwood through link above.

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Photos from the Burt Shaffer Memorial Match


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