Shooting USPSA at York IWLA (11/13/2011)

USPSA - York - Nov 2011 - Stage 3

This past weekend I got out and shot my second USPSA Match this month (4th Match Total). I wouldn’t be shooting matches so close together under normal circumstances, but we are on the cusp of the season ending in Pennsylvania. After this weekends match at Topton, I probably won’t be shooting very many USPSA matches until March or April when the local clubs begin getting back into the swing of things.

One of the biggest draws in shooting the match at York IWLA is that this last match of the season was setup with seven stages, four of which were classifier stages. By shooting this one match, I could ensure that when next season rolls around I will no longer be an Unclassified Shooter.

This was my first experience shooting at York and to be completely honest, I have mixed feelings about the club. The biggest drawback is that it requires me sitting behind the wheel of my car for an hour and fifteen minutes. While that drive isn’t terrible (I drive about fifty minutes to Lower Providence) it just feels like I’m covering hundreds of miles and burning gallons of gasoline.

The club is spread out over lots of land, allowing for plenty of stages. For my money, I’d much rather pay $20 to shoot a seven stage course than the same money to shoot a four stage course. With that said, I liked running seven stages.

Scores for this match have been released by the club, however, I’m hoping to see the official results posted by USPSA in a few days. When those scores are posted I’ll do a rundown of each stage like I have done in the past.

The video below covers six of the seven stages (I forgot to turn the camera on during stage three. Stage three is the one pictured at the head of this post) and runs a little over four minutes. I edited out all of the scoring to shorten up the video a bit.


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