Elite Victory 39

A couple of months ago, I set aside enough money to start shopping around for a used Target Bow. I’ve been very happy with both my Elite Pulse and my Elite Energy 35, so I was leaning heavily towards an Elite Victory 39.

After a little patience, I was able to pick one up on Archery Talk for what I felt was a good deal. It sat a while until I could slowly buy used accessories to add to it, but the time has finally come to start shooting the new bow.

Rather than mess around with making my own sight tape, I asked a couple of members at Stowe Archers what they were using to generate sight marks. I was told, “Spend the $20 for Archer’s Mark – you won’t regret it.”

When it comes to smartphone apps, $20 is a big purchase. After deliberating on it for a few days, and getting frustrated with making my own sight tape, I went ahead and bought the app. I required some help getting a couple of measurements at full draw but other than that, the app was a breeze to use.

I got shot a sight mark for 20 yards then shot a second mark for 65 yards and the app worked its magic. Archer’s Mark spit out a set of sight marks and I’m amazed at how accurate they are.

The image below was taken after shooting three arrows at 50 Meters. I wish I could do this every time, I’d be a force to be reckoned with during league shoots…

Archers Mark Sight Marks