Southeast Indoor 3D Series at Stowe Archers

Southeast Indoor 3D Series - January 2017

This time last month, I stepped up to the line and shot my first Indoor 3D Shoot of the season. At the time, I hadn’t made many changes to my 2011 Elite Pulse and I shot a personal best.

Earlier today I stepped up to the line once again and shot my second Indoor 3D Shoot of the season. I wish I could say the result was as good as last month. Unfortunately, I struggled in several areas.

My biggest issue was that I had a really hard time seeing where to aim. I went from a Trophy Ridge Hitman Sight (Large Guard) to a Spott Hogg Hogg-It (Small Guard) and my field of view seems considerably smaller. I picked up a larger peep this evening and plan on installing it tomorrow – as well as moving the sight housing closer. My hope is that it increases my field of view.

Next to visual problems, my bow just wasn’t shooting like it used to. In the past, the bow shot flat out to 26 yards before I had any noticeable arrow drop. Today my 20-yard pin was hitting 3 inches low at 26 yards.

I’m meeting up with a friend tomorrow after work to go over the bow and check the tune. I’m hoping it is just a matter of my new Superior Bowstrings stretching a little and having to add a couple of twists to bring everything back into tune.

Shooting 1 point up isn’t horrible but it was very frustrating knowing that I could have done better.


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