Southern Chester USPSA: November 2012

Last night I was going through some of the videos on my YouTube Channel when I realized that I neglected to post the last Southern Chester USPSA Match of 2012. This particular match was the clubs annual revolver friendly event. Target arrays were setup in such a way that six rounds were less of a disadvantage.

Shooting Production Division, like I was, was fun because it meant a little extra reload practice. I found myself dropping magazines after six rounds due to stage layout. I enjoyed myself and had a decent match, although I struggled with a stage or two.

Trying too hard on the classifier lead to a terrible score. After a reload, I actually lost track of the front sight. It seemed to take forever to find it again and get it back on target. A short stage involving soup cans could have been timed with a sundial. You’ll see my horribly delayed start, on both strings, about halfway through the video.

There were 17 shooters in Production Division and I managed to earn 5th Place. I did not make High C Class Shooter this time out. The person who earned that class win not only spanked me, he beat up on a couple of B Class Shooters as well.

This match concludes Southern Chester USPSA for the 2012 Season. I’m looking forward to next year and expect to begin shooting here again around April or May.


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