Southern Chester USPSA: October 2013

Last weekend was bittersweet. Southern Chester USPSA was holding its last match of the season. The upside was that any weekend at a USPSA Match is a good one. To make things even better, I designed a stage for this match and was looking forward to some running and gunning after a month off.

The last match of the season for Southern Chester USPSA is their annual Revolver Friendly Match. Shooters are encouraged to dust off the wheel guns and shoot stages that don’t totally screw them over. Plenty of 6 shot arrays were setup and the match was a lot of fun.

The turnout was a bit lighter than anticipated but it made for small-ish squads that kept the action moving. I was a bit rusty and it showed in my performance. I had some trouble finding a nice rhythm and rushed a lot of shots resulting in far too many Alpha Charlies.

The small squads made recording a bit difficult. It seemed like by the time I got a plan in place and settled in, it was my time to shoot. This didn’t give me the opportunity to figure out where I wanted to set my downrange cameras. Rather than hold things up while I setup downrange, I tried to be as quick as possible. Sometimes this meant only getting one camera downrange. I even made a huge rookie mistake of not getting a camera downrange on one stage and forgetting to turn on my POV camera. As a result, Stage 4 is missing from the video (you didn’t miss much anyway, I shot pretty poorly on that stage).

Both Southern Chester and Lower Providence have wrapped up their USPSA Seasons. From here on out I think I’ll be switching back over to IDPA and including some Archery over the winter.


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