Southern Chester USPSA: September 2013

Last month I made the usual trek down to Kennett Square for the September Southern Chester USPSA Match. As usual, the stages were a lot of fun and I was squadded up with a good group of people.

I had a pretty decent day overall placing 3rd in Production Division. I pulled a couple of shots and wound up with 3 Mikes on the day. Even so, things felt better than they did for the 2013 Mid Atlantic Section Championship at Lower Providence.

The first stage in the video was one that I designed and setup. Hiding a target down under the stack of barrels, so that it could only be shot from a crouch, brought in mixed feedback. The guys with bad knees hated me for it but I made sure to arrange the stage so that position could be shot last.

I took a bunch of photos and have included them below. Re-watching the video I noticed that I had two stages backwards (score and time listed) but I didn’t want to go back and re-encode the entire video just to fix it. If you pay attention to the RO calling out the time, you’ll notice the mistake. Fortunately, it is easy enough to make sense out of since the stages were so short.

I’m also having some trouble with one of my cameras. On occasion it is recording in what looks like fast-forward and it screws the audio up something fierce (the audio isn’t fast but it isn’y synced with the video). To work around this I had to manually sync the videos for multi-angle editing.


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