Stowe Archers Field League: Week 5

Stowe Archers Field League - Week 5 ScorecardWeek 5 of the Stowe Archers Field League has come to a close. Over these last few weeks, I’ve learned something. I find that I enjoy Field Archery just as much, if not a little more, than I do 3D Archery.

I think it has a lot to do with the number of arrows shot. Instead of one arrow per target, thirty total for a typical 3D Shoot, I’m shooting four per target, 56 for a 14 Target Round. That and the fact that is reminiscent of the type of shooting I did with my Grandfather as a child.

This week we took on Field Faces and I came away with a pretty decent score. I seem to be holding steady around 240 Points (average) between Field and Hunter Faces.

Looking back at my ArcherZUpShot Results, it looks like the bulk of my shots are falling into the inner-four ring. Threes aren’t common but I’m having a hard time putting arrows in the five ring consistently.

Stowe Field League - Week 5


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