Stowe Archers Monday Night Youth Program

Natalie at Stowe Archers Youth Group

Having been a member of Stowe Archers for almost a year now, I’m well aware of their popular Youth Program. On Monday nights, throughout the school year, Stowe Archers opens up the clubhouse and invites kids ages 17 and younger in to shoot.

There is no cost for attending, although donations are appreciated, and equipment is available for anyone that does not have their own. Instruction is available for first-time archers (or anyone that needs it, all you have to do is ask).

Even though I’ve heard a lot about the program, I’ve never actually been to an event until last night. My daughter and I went for the first time and I was shocked at just how many kids were in attendance.

With my daughter only being four years old, her attention wandered. The longer the session went, the less focused she was on shooting. We spent about an hour taking turns shooting before calling it a night and heading home.

After a summer of bringing up the youth group to my brother and sister, I finally got one of them to come out and introduce their kids to archery. My brother brought his kids along and they seemed to have a good time (his son’s very first arrow was a bullseye).

With any luck my daughter and I will be seeing more of them at the Stowe Archers Monday Night Youth ProgramOpens in a new tab..


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