Stowe Archers Outdoor 3D Shoot: June 2014

Stowe Archers - June 2014 - 11

This month has been a bit of a mess. With an upcoming move fast approaching, I’ve had to shuffle my schedule around quite a bit. I missed the Lower Providence USPSA Match and would have missed the Southern Chester USPSA Match yesterday had it not been cancelled.

Today would normally be the day that I attend the Ontelaunee USPSA Match. Due to a schedule conflict at the club, the match was pushed to next weekend. This rare free weekend, and a hole in my personal schedule, allowed me to do something I haven’t done in a while. I headed out to Stowe Archers to shoot their monthly 3D Archery Shoot.

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time at the club, shooting the Field League, but this was my first Outdoor 3D Shoot of the year (at Stowe, I’ve shot at Hamburg once or twice this year).

I arrived at the club about an hour before registration closed (so that I could leave with the scorecards and post results) and had a good time. It was a nice change of pace to shoot foam animals instead of Field and Hunter Faces.

The shoot consisted of 29 Targets (1 target was pulled for safety reasons), several of which were stretched out beyond 35 yards. Despite having a Range Finder, I came away with 233 points. While I didn’t shoot all that well, I enjoyed myself.

Because I hit the course so late, I didn’t have anyone on my heels and was able to snap a bunch of photos.


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