Swiss: Terrible Cheese but an Interesting Take on Guns

Last week I was cruising around on Facebook when I came across an update from the Second Amendment FoundationOpens in a new tab.. This particular update shared a video featuring Marc Heim of the Swiss group ProTELL. Marc goes on to explain why his country maintains the right to keep and bear arms.

The video is far too short for my liking, I found it absolutely fascinating. While I was aware of the Swiss stance on guns, I wasn’t aware of the root reason. It would seem that the country mandates training and provides a rifle to male citizens coming of age. The purpose is to create an army that could be mobilized, in a very short period of time, given the county ever came under attack.

It looks as if the three minute video is part of a longer documentary. I did a little poking around and came up empty handed. If anyone is familiar with the remainder of the piece, I would love to watch it in its entirety.


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