Tell me more about the crypt in our basement

One of the funnest things my wife and I do together is poke fun at one another. Sometimes what is said between us is childish and other times it stings a bit. Regardless of what is said, it is generally followed by a laugh.

One of the things my wife likes to tease me about is my dreams. It all started several years ago when we were dating. We were together watching a movie on television and I fell asleep. I awoke to the sound of her laughing at me, asking if I had any idea what I just said.

A bit confused, I said no and asked her to fill me in. She went on to tell me that out of the blue, I asked her to hand me a chisel and mallet off of my workbench. At the time, I was engrossed in work and must have dozed off thinking about a project. In turn, I started talking in my sleep and asked her to pass me tools required in my dream.

Ever since then she has been taking shots at me about my dreams. This morning, while getting ready for work, was no different. As I was heading through the living room, my wife told me that she had a dream last night that we adopted another dog. My response was simply, “I dreamed that I was digging in the basement and found a crypt”. She roared with laughter and all I could do was join in.

It is kind of funny, for some reason I can remember a lot about my dreams while my wife struggles to remember anything about her own. I’ve never looked into the meaning of that, but I have heard that being able to remember dreams is a sign that I may not be getting a deep enough sleep and I am waking mid dream (the mid dream part is common).

Back to this dream of mine, so my wife said that I couldn’t be that vague and just had to tell her about this Crypt in the basement. I went on to tell the story, although it was kind of difficult with her laughing at me the entire time.

For some unknown reason, I had to run some pipe through my basement floor and outside. The easiest way to do this, as I was told in my dream, was to dig down a bit into the floor and then try to angle out under the footer of my exterior wall. So the digging began.

It turned out to be far more digging than I thought it would be and the hole for the piping was getting rather deep. I was digging at an angle to get under the footer and pass the pipe through when, all of a sudden, I broke through something and the dirt just fell away.

Upon closer inspection, I saw that the footer of my house was actually placed on top of a flat ceiling of sorts. When I dug down to get under the footer, I apparently stumbled onto a hidden room beneath my house. I widened the hole I was digging to get a better look and peered in.

I had to crawl into the hole head first (because of how narrow it was) and poke my head into the room to get a better look. The ceiling wasn’t very high, but there was no way I could drop down head-first without taking on some kind of injury. I did my best to look around without actually entering this hidden room.

With the aid of a flashlight, I was able to see the dirt floor below. It was covered with hundreds of insects with transparent shells across their backs and long antenna on their heads. Some of these insects were climbing up the wall and across the ceiling towards the freshly opened hole.

Before pulling my head from the room and scrambling away from the insects, I noticed a stone bench at the far end of the room. On this bench was the figure of a woman wearing a pale green dress. The figure was faded and I could see through her partially. Beyond her there wasn’t much to see and the darkness of the room washed over whatever lay beyond.

I was able to get back out of the freshly dug hole and start back filling it to cover up the room beyond. Before I could fill the hole entirely, a few of the creepy insects were able to get into my basement. They didn’t appear to be harmful, but they freaked me out none the less.

After stomping on one of these bugs and hearing a satisfying crunch, I lifted my shoe to find the remains in a pool of thick green goo. I quickly moved to squash the remaining few when I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock.

By the time I was finished telling my story, my wife had a tear in her eye from laughing so hard. She thinks that I have been reading a little too much fantasy as of late and it has crept into my dreams. I agree with her for the most part. As I was telling the story, the faded female figure in my dream made me think of a witch character from The Child Thief. I have no idea where the insects would have come from but they were nasty looking things.


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

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