I think it may be time to upgrade my arrows

Stowe Archers - Vegas 300 Round - 1

I like to think of myself as an off the shelf kind of guy. I don’t own much specialized equipment and pride myself at being able to perform fairly well with what some might consider middle of the road equipment.

I don’t have a ton of disposable income so anything I buy has to be both affordable and quality (which is harder and harder to find these days). For an all-around archery setup, I went with an Elite Pulse, Gold Tip Expedition Hunter Arrows (5575), and a inexpensive wrist strap release.

Now that I’m spending more time shooting my bow, I’m beginning to wonder if it might be time to start upgrading. I don’t think I’m in a position where my equipment is holding me back but I do think that a few changes might help.

The idea of upgrading came on a whim about two months ago. I was getting ready to move and unloaded a bunch of miscellaneous items on eBay, just so that I didn’t have to move them from one house to another. I was poking around on Archery Talk shortly after and a Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper release caught my eye. With eBay money burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to make the purchase.

It took a little while to get used to the release but I think it has helped me shoot more consistently. I’m in no position to run out and buy a bunch of new equipment but I’m beginning to wonder if I should start to look at arrows next.

I’m going to need something that will perform well while shooting at targets but be durable enough to take out hunting. I’ve had someone recommend Easton ACC Arrows but them being advertised as Super-Light has me concerned as far as hunting goes. I also don’t want to spend $13 per shaft.

Ideally, I’d like to find a great all-around arrow and come away at no more than $9 per shaft. Do you have an suggestions that fit the budget and will outperform my current Gold Tip Expedition Hunters?


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