USPSA at Lower Providence – May 2012 Match Recap

USPSA at Lower Providence - May 2012 - Stage 7

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting the May USPSA Match at Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club. Like the April Southern Chester Match, I’ve broken each stage out into its own post. I still have mixed feelings about this method but it certainly does create more ‘bite sized’ posts for ease of reading/viewing.

Despite the range being as wet as a swamp, I had a lot of fun. As usual ted Murphy, the Match Director at Lower Providence, put together some challenging stages.

Walt’s Match Video

8th Place in Production Division
103 A’s | 1 B’s | 23 C’s | 6 D’s | 1 M’s
583 Total Points of a Possible 675 | 87% Total Point Percentage

If you would like to take a closer look at how I performed at the May Lower Providence Match, please take a look at the individual stage breakdowns that I put together. There you will see an outline of my shooting plan, how I performed in regards to that plan, and my results.


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